Pro Auto Tech is proud to be the oldest independent training company in operation since the mid 1980's.

We began in service and repair proceeding the concept of our company which then grew into specializing in Driveability. Proudly having more than 25 years of automotive experience and backgrounds,plus degreed education in electrical engineering.We associate with The Exchange,Motor Magazine and other technical forums contributing relative articles for the benefit of technicians. Our personnel has pioneered the performance industry with breakthrough designs and custom programming, working with fortune 100 companies personally developing service schedules and business strategies to compliment their needs. Our history and strong reputation also stands behind our consulting relationships with General Motors,Ford Motor Company,Mitsubishi Motors,as well as consulting and training for various state municipalities and federal agencies.  We provide product training,platform performance,comparison testing and product development working individually with diagnostic equipment manufacturing companies, benefiting both the companies and their customers. Our instructors are well educated and have provided Driveability training to more than 50,000 technicians nationwide and now with an international reach, we continue solving today's complex problems.Our company operation site is home based in Florida where we continue to offer repair and testing of high tech motor vehicles and other various services.